Sporting Events 13-14

Please see the Sports calendar from the Sainsbury's Sports Games; dates poignant to the school are in purple. This will be updated as event are planned by us and for us (last updated March 2014). You can also see additional information and photos on the PE premium board outside the hall in school.


Rounders KS2

At Sholtey CP July 2014

For the first time in a quite a few years, a rounders tournament was offered to the children from the peninsula schools. We organised an event for Year 5/6 but we had Year 4s playing too, giving them valuable competitive experience for the forthcoming year. Holbrook were unable to attend but the other schools arrived for an extremely pleasant afternoon of Rounders on our field, with the sun shining upon us, and other classes watching. Other members of Year 5/6 took photos and details for a sports report. Shotley won, but all schools showed great play.

On Thursday 3rd July, Stutton, Chelmondiston and Tattingstone came to our school and participated in a rounders tournament.

Our first game was Shotley VS Chelmondiston. Both teams played very well. When Chelmondiston where batting, Alfie, Oliver H and Aidan all caught someone out. Tommy, Oliver H, Aidan and Harry T all got a rounder. The final score was 22:13 to Shotley.

 Another game was Tattingstone VS Chelmondiston. In the game, 1 person caught someone out and 2 people got a rounder. The final score was 15:16 to Chelmondiston.   

 The third game was Shotley VS Tattingstone. Tattingstone got 2 rounders. Harry T, Aidan and Jamie all got a rounder. The final score was 12:20 to Shotley.

 In the end, Shotley won.

By Kacey B


Y1/2 Multi-skills festival

Holbrook Academy June 14

This was another new event. Year 1/2 took a coach to Holbrook for an afternoon's multi-skills organised by Stutton and supported by Holbrook's leaders and staff. They had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon working with other children from the other schools.


Tennis Y3/4

at Holbrook Academy June 2014

This was the first time we have entered a team in this event. Two teachers, both keen on tennis, attended training and brought back ideas for developing the children's tennis, a long with fresh new resources. Many children enjoyed tennis club as well as playing tennis in their PE lessons. One team was taken to compete. After many games of tennis, our team came 4th. Much has been learned and we look forward to preparing for next year's competition.


Kwik Cricket Y5/6

at Holbrook Academy June 2014

We took one team to Holbrook Academy. They came second to a good Holbrook team who went on to win the level 2 tournament. Once again, our children did themselves proud in displaying good sportsmanship and competitiveness.


Gymnastics Festival Y3/4

at Holbrook Academy March 2014

This was a pyramid event that we organised for the younger Key Stage 2 children. Year 3/4 worked hard in developing a gymnastics presentation to the tune of 'Thriller' (the children's choice) that involved individual, small group and large group work, balances, jumps and rolls. Using video to help them assess their work, they produced a creative and substantial sequence that was very well received in parents assembly. The children then thoroughly enjoyed travelling to Holbrook Academy to show other children and parents. Well done Year 3/4.

Cross Country

at RHS,March 2014

Twenty seven children took part this year, including some Year 4 boys, and they all were up for the challenge of running around the grounds of RHS, whilst competing for top places against other local schools, including those in the East Bergholt Pyramid. We had some good results, including finishers in the top ten including Oliver in Year 4, who came 4th (out of ninety seven runners)! Our boys teams came second in the large schools group and our girls came third, with Sophie in Year 6 coming in at twentieth . Many parents supported with lifts, thank you so much for your help.

High Five Netball Festival

at Holbrook Academy March 2014

We were able to enter two teams into this tournament which gave all the netball team the opportunity to play in a competitive match. 

Although the netball court was considerably larger than what they were used to playing on, the girls all played very well and the most physical match was when Shotley Yellow team played Shotley Blue team!.

Well done to Holbrook who went on to win the tournament.  Shotley B team and Chelmondiston came joint second, and Shotley A came third.

Thanks again to all our parents and grandparents for providing lifts and cheering!


Quicksticks Hockey Tournamant

at Copleston  March 2014

Eight Year 5 and 6 children attended this tournament after school at Copleston.  There were 22 local school competing against each other.  The team became more confident as each game was played and they managed to draw two and lose two although it could have gone either way.  Well done to all the team!

Thanks to the parents for transporting the children and your support.  A big thanks also for our Year  5 photographer for the fantastic action shots.


Basketball Level 1 Tournament

at Holbrook Academy, February 2014.

Fifteen Year 5 and 6 children attended this tournament at Holbrook. The A team came fourth and the B team came 6th although there was just a few points in it. Well done to all of the children, who had fun and put all their energies into it. Holbrook Primary won and will go on to represent the pyramid.

Year 6 swimming gala

Organised by Ipswich High School for Girls. January 2014

Four of our girls represented Shotley at this annual event organised by the swimming teachers at Ipswich High School. The children raced two freestyle, one breast stroke, one back stroke, and two relay races, and came a third, two points from second who were Stutton;Ipswich High School came first. Well done girls!

Dance Festival

Organised by the pyramid, at Holbrook Academy. January 2014

The pyramid schools wanted to re-instate the dance festival for Year 5 and 6, so we organised and attended an event in the sports gym at Holbrook Academy. Although the event was for Year 5 and 6 children, other year groups attended.

Shotley showed their Japanese Tale, with Year 1 and 2 children dancing with the Year 5 and 6 children. Influenced by work the teachers did with Michael Platt over seven years ago, the dance was very well received. The children danced with focus, control and musicality, showing how well they are able to work independently, or with others, to produce a most fantastic dance that even included lifts! Here is a small taster of what they danced.


Holbrook Pyramid 5-aside football tournament

hosted by Shotley November 2013

Thanks to all the schools, staff and parents who travelled over to play a successful afternoon of football. We are very proud that Shotley won a closely fought tournament that consisted of ten teams.

After 20 games in two groups, Holbrook A and Shotley A played a hard fought final, with Shotley eventually winning 2-0. Thank you everyone, it was a lovely event, and it was good to get a sport event run and attended by the primary schools.


Tag Rugby Level 1 Tournament

at Holbrook Academy November 2013

We took a team to this event which was attended by Holbrook and Stutton. Shotley grew in confidence and improved in thier play throughout both games, winning one and losing one. Holbrook went through to the level 2 stage.


PE Premium 13-14

The Department for Education announced this year that they will be investing £150 million pounds into Primary PE and Sport. This has meant the school will be in receipt of over £8000 for the academic year 2013-14, and again in 2014-15. As of December 13, this funding has been extended for a third year.

We have recently received 75% of this funding, for the academic year 2013-14.

We are obliged to spend the money within the following criteria:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE.
  • Supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional Change4Life sport clubs;
  • Running sports competitions, or increasing participation in the School Games
  • Providing places for pupils in after school and holiday sport clubs;
  • Pooling funding together with other primary schools.
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE/Sport

The school has written an action plan with the above points in mind.

The following key points are the school's targets for improving our PE and sport with this funding in YEAR 1.

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning across the subject: we are doing this by hiring a sports coach to work alongside the teachers in their PE lessons with the aim of improving subject knowledge, teaching and learning and enthusiasm for PE. At least half of the funding will be used on this point alone.
  • Improving assessment in PE lessons
  • Improving the use of assessment and tracking of pupil progress in PE throughout school.
  • Improve the range and quality of equipment used by teachers, including safe storage.
  • Improving the outdoor space for PE: The old swimming pool space offers an opportunity to create an all-weather ground to teach PE such as basketball outdoors, as well as space for children to follow play leader games and improve winter physical activity.
  • Training and support: The school is buying into Level 1 support package that has been offered to schools by Suffolk County Council, and training courses will be attended where needed.
  • Increase competition for Year 5/6: All tournaments arranged by the Holbrook Academy will be attended. The pyramid schools are also working together to re-instate Football, Hockey and Rounders competitions.
  • Introduce a new sport: Dodgeball
  • Re-instate festivals: Dance, Gymnastic and Multi-skills festivals for other year groups.
  • Set up play leaders or TimeforChange clubs

Monitoring of the action plan.

The PE co-ordinator, Headteacher and PE Governor are responsible for monitoring the impact of the action plan. Questionnaires, teacher self-assessment and observations have given us a baseline data of our position at the start of the two years.

Review of the action plan

Please see below for a review of our action plan with costings (April 2014)