Staff Autumn Term 2018

Senior Leadership team

Headteacher - Mr. R. Dedicoat

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs. L Allison


Teaching staff structure


Mrs. A.Fitzgerald: Ladybirds Class (Reception)

Miss. J. Rivers: Hedgehogs Class (Year 1)

Ms. A. Morton: Zebras Class (Year 2)

Mr K. Woodward (Mon - Weds) and Mrs. L. Allison (Thur/ Fri): Owls Class (Year 3)                        

Mrs. V. Durrant:  Eagles Class (Year 4/5)  

Ms. A. Sterling: Albatross Class (Year 5/6) 


Support Staff structure & Responsibilities

Mrs. J. Wright - Business Manager

Mrs. L. Southgate - School Administrator

Mrs. L. Boast - HLTA - EYFS

Mrs. N. Mills - HLTA - Speech & Language

Mrs. J. Gibbons - TA

Mrs. L. Sheern - TA - Eco Council

Mrs. S Morgans - TA

Mrs B. Coleman - TA

Miss K. Smith - TA



MDSA - Mrs. D. Williams

MDSA - Mrs. J. D

MDSA - Mrs. J. Bennett


Catering Team (EATS)

Mrs. C. Harvey

Mrs. E. Morrish



Mr. A. Keeble








We are currently looking to employ a Midday Supervisory Assistant

The job is for 1hr 10 minutes per day 5 days per week. We will consider job share applications.

Please see the full job description below. Please complete the Application form and return to Mrs. Wright in the Office

Job description

Application Form