Year 6 have been learning about how plants are used for medicinal purposes. We linked this to our work on The Plague where the people of the time had all sorts of strange and wonderful ideas about how to cure the disease!

Year 6 tennis after their experience at Wimbledon!

This half term we are undertaking an Environmental Science unit and will be spending much of our time in 'Golden Woods' learning about the plants and wildlife that reside there. Today we used biological survey methods (using quadrats on transect lines) to estimate rough percentages of plant species. We collated and recorded the information and inspected plants at close proximity to each other, and thought about the micro-habitats there.

Week 2: How does Golden Wood function as a habitat for the creatures that live there?

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The children have been using a computer programme called Lego WeDo. Today's task was to create a fairground ride similar to a Ferris Wheel - the challenge was to design it so that the chair remained upright so that the person sitting in it did not fall out! It was harder than it seems!

My class have been learning measure through practical activities that involved  drawing a street plan using given criteria, building houses out of Lego and designing gardens to go on the plots of land.  They then had to solve problems linked to this. We listened to Ed Sheeran singing 'Lego House' whilst building their houses to add to the fun!

The children designed and made smoothies. 

Please find below the results of our 'History of Art' unit of work. The children worked really hard and very maturely on this study and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.

Our latest artwork created in the style of Botticelli


Cooking Christmas Cakes at 'Mount Pleasant'!

Year 6 went to the woods to make reindeer out of logs and twigs.


Our latest Artwork, linked to the WW1 poem 'Dulce est Decorum Est' by Wilfred Owen.


We were invited to view the new houses/flats that are being built in Shotley. The children had a great time - they looked  at architects plans, learnt about the different stages in the building process, identified health and safety risks, sat in a digger and even did some brick laying!



Will their structures withstand an earthquake?

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Sometimes it's hard to remember different mathematical concepts. Some children find singing and doing actions helps them...below you can see my Maths class singing to help them remember  how to multiply decimals by 10 and 100!

In Geography we made models of the earth.

In RE we have been thinking about how some things cannot be explained easily - they are a mystery. Christians often speak of Jesus as being a mystery and to put this idea into practise we have been making Mobius strips.  Below you can see some photos of the children creating these. We found it fascinating that 2 circles can be cut in a certain way to form a square! How, is a mystery!!!!!

The children have had great fun this week creating their volcanoes. The highlight was adding the bicarbonate of soda to the vinegar today to create the mock volcanic eruption! See below...!

The children worked really hard amidst the hectic rehearsal schedule and managed to complete their Titanic lap books. They should feel very proud.


Titanic rooms: 3D work in shoe boxes. 

We created collages to depict a stormy sky - this linked in with our Weather topic.