School Trips


The school has a good relationship with the Packard farm next door and children walk there through the gate at the end of the playing field. The farm is used to enhance teaching and learning; they will see newborn cows, talk to the farmer about his work and the use of the land, walk through the fields to the marshes and river bank, or just find somewhere for end of year picnics in the summer. The neighbouring woods are used for field work and den building! Classes also walk down to the shore at Shotley Gate and to the marina, to study the docks opposite or to do field work on the river.

Children make regular visits to the theatre, museums, castles and other nearby localities as a part of their topics. Year 5 and 6 also go on a residential trip for five days, every other year.


We also welcome visitors to the school: these have included sporting role models, war veterans, musicians, theatres and local artists.


Bluebells in the Packard woods