Ethos, Aims and British values


We provide an education that places importance on the development of the whole child, helping to foster lively, enquiring minds.

We promote a health conscious environment where children understand the importance of health, hygiene and safety, and where they are involved in regular exercise.

We provide a positive atmosphere for learning in which all pupils are able to play an active part as a valued member of the community.

We recognise the multicultural character of our society, by encouraging respect, empathy and tolerance for the beliefs and customs of all.

We encourage the partnership between home and school by inviting parents to share responsibility for their child’s educational development.

We provide equal opportunities for all by recognising that each child is a unique individual with his/her own physical, emotional, spiritual and social and educational needs.

We further links between the school and the wider community.

We demonstrate our ongoing commitment to raising pupils’ achievement and being collectively responsible for whole school improvement.

We provide a broad, balanced, enriched curriculum through the delivery of the Early Years/Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

Our Vision

To provide education which enables every pupil to develop to the very best of their individual ability, providing cultural and physical challenges and British values.


1) Provide a safe and secure environment for learning.

2). Enable every child attending the school to reach or exceed the National Average results in all aspects of their education.

3) Provide supervised physical exercise for all pupils, bearing in mind their individual capabilities.

4) Ensure pupils obtain a rounded cultural development, including knowledge of all faiths and religions.

5) Teach British values and expectations.

6) Provide pupils with a rounded education which ensure that all are treated equally and develop respect for other pupils and staff.

7) Provide opportunities for children to broaden their education by arranging for outside speakers to visit the school and organising off site visits.

8) Ensure that all staff are suitably trained and developed.

9) Produce a balanced budget to support the education of pupils.

British Values 

How do we promote British Values?

What are ‘British values’? The Government has asked all schools to ensure children understand British values. All have a duty to ‘actively promote’ the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Here’s how we do this at Shotley CP School:


The school has a School Council and an Active Council, made up of elected children from across the school who wish to act as ambassadors, to give the children a voice and to support the school with the organisation of events such as charity fund raising and improving levels of activity across the school.

Throughout the year, the children are asked directly for their feedback on different aspects of their school life. This allows the children to express their views effectively and highlight areas for further development in school.

The Rule of Law

Our children will encounter rules and laws throughout their entire lives. We want our children to understand that whether these laws govern the class, the school, the neighbourhood or the country, they are set for good reasons and must be adhered to.

This understanding of the importance of rules is consistently reinforced through assemblies and our curriculum. The involvement of our children in the creation of class rules helps them to understand the reasons behind the rules and the consequences if they are broken. Through PHSE, RE and general class discussions, children are given opportunities to debate and discuss the reasons for laws so that they can recognise the importance of these for their own protection. Throughout the year we welcome visits from members of the wider community including Police, the Fire Service, paramedics, nurses, the local farmer and the local vicar.

Individual Liberty

We invest a great deal of time in creating a positive culture in our school, so that children are in a safe environment where choices and freedoms are encouraged. Our enrichment offer is broad, allowing children to choose to pursue areas of interest including arts and crafts, various competitive and non-competitive sports and cookery.

Mutual respect

Our rules, expectations and daily interactions are built upon mutual respect. Our thorough transition process helps to create a shared ethos with our feeder playgroup and the local high school, and key sporting events (intra- and inter-schools), allow our children to embody respect. We are extremely proud of our children and other school staff and sports coaches often complement our children on their behaviour, sportsmanship and attitude towards sports.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

The area that we serve is not particularly diverse, which can sometimes create a barrier to understanding those that have a different heritage to that of our own. We try to provide opportunities for the children to experience different cultures through our curriculum, by offering a culturally rich and diverse experience in which major religions are studied and respected. We strongly believe that tolerance is gained through knowledge and understanding.