KS2 Houses



As soon as the children start school, they will be put into one of four houses. Children meet up in houses in assemblies, for shared reading and pastoral activities.The house names are Cavendish,Constable, Gainsborough and Wolsey. 


The children earn merits for their house for good effort throughout school life. At the end of the term the merits are counted and  a cup awarded to the winning house.






The house points display


Each house has a captain and house captain from Year 6, voted in by the children. The Summer term is the most popular time to be captain, as the children may be called up to collect the Sports Cup on Sports Day.

Other inter-house sports tournaments take place during the year eg. tag rugby, basketball, rounders, to give all children experience of competition.

Past Winners of the Sports Cup:

2005         Constable

2006         Constable

2007         Constable

2008         Wolsey

2009         Cavendish

2010         Cavendish

2011         Gainsborough

2012         School took part in pyramid sports day

2013         Wolsey

2014         Cavendish

2015         Wolsey

2016         Wolsey

2017         Constable